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Chile-California Alliances


Faculty Director of Global Centers Appointed for Latin America and the Caribbean
December 19, 2018

The UC Davis  Global Centers initiative— which aims to leverage campus strengths and expand mutually-beneficial partnerships in regions around the world—is set to move forward with the appointment of Lovell “Tu” Jarvis as the Faculty Director of Global Centers for Latin America and the Caribbean. Jarvis will bring strategic leadership to the development the first UC Davis Global Center, building on existing partnerships and linkages in the region—including activities through the UC Davis Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center (UC Davis Chile), which launched with Chilean government support in 2015.

UC Davis water management specialist is the keynote speaker at seminar in Santiago
December 11, 2018

Sam Sandoval, associate professor at the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at UC Davis, explained how the severe drought which California recently underwent, gave rise to the first legislative effort (an act) which coordinates the governance of groundwater in that State.  He gave details of the unwanted outcomes which this act seeks to avoid and how his work as a researcher seeks to contribute to this governance.